Hi, I'm Geoffrey,

I build stuff for this internet thing.

For the past 10 years I have overseen and worked on many projects with many different web design and web development technologies, including ASP, ASP.NET and Windows Azure. I am a full stack developer and posses a deep understanding of social and service driven applications using modern design techniques such as AJAX/Web Services, JQuery, CSS3 and Responsive Design.
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I am more than the sum of my projects

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"I hired Geof because of his innate web development skills...By the end of his six month contract, he had exceeded my expectations..." "Geoff has done fantastic work here for the OMNI Trading Academy" "He gave us exactly what we were looking for...provided expert service and completed this task much quicker than we expected. " "He is innovative for the web and worked in a 'challenging' environment very well." "Geoffrey has been great to work with...I've enjoyed seeing him quickly learning and incorporating new ideas and concepts..."